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Why is it important to scan your teeth and jaws?

It helps your dentist make a diagnosis.

Should we make a scanning appointment?

The scanning of teeth and jaws does not require an appointment.

How long does it last?

The procedure of teeth scanning does not last more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Is having your teeth and jaws scanned harmful?

Teeth and jaws scanning is an internationally recognized diagnostic method which has been performed for decades and it has not shown any adverse side effects. With the modern devices we use, the radiation has significantly decreased – it has been reduced to a minimum.

Are there any differences between teeth and jaws scanning for children and adults?

When teeth scanning is performed on children, the radiation is additionally lowered up to 70%.

Who is employed in ORTODENT DIGITAL X-ray Centers?

Dentists and professional medical radiologists.

What are 2D scans of teeth and jaws?

2D scans (scans of separate teeth, panoramic scans,…) are scans most often performed and they show the images of teeth and jaws in one plane.

What is 3D/CBCT?

3D/CBCT is a type of teeth scanning which gives us an absolutely precise geometrical scan of high resolution which is software-generated and can be viewed in three planes.

Is it necessary to have a referral for teeth and jaws scanning?

The referral is desirable because it states the type of scans the dentist needs as well as the manner it will be delivered to him (film, email, cd, CLOUD SERVER), but the referral is not necessary.

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